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Valore Real Estate Investment Company was established as a result of cooperation between the largest investment groups in Egypt, Such Al-Ghunaimi Group and the Riyadh Group – Castel



Valore is in the top list of real estate investment company in Egypt, Easily trusted



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Modern designs, perfect locations, high quality portfolio we're depending on


Since its inception, the vision was set to make Valore one of the largest companies in the field of real estate investment all over Egypt. Evidence of what has been mentioned is that the company’s first projects in Alexandria had a different design, amazing locations, and a large and varied number of units. Valore Real Estate Investments developed its own vision of providing products and services of superior quality and complete satisfaction of its customers.


We, Valore Real Estate Investment Company, aspire to become the inspiration and main source for high-end luxury real estate in Egypt, as we provide the highest quality of products and services.


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