December 15, 2022


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Designed and spaced OF VALORE EL-THAWRA

VALORE EL-THAWRA is one of the projects of Valore Real Estate Development and Investment Company, and one of the companies that have a strong message in the Egyptian real estate market. Now get many real estate privileges by investing with a company from a distinguished strategic location, services and facilities at the highest international levels, and very beautiful and beautiful architectural designs.

Designed and spaced OF VALORE EL-THAWRA

Valore Real Estate Company was able to work on providing its distinguished project, Valore El-Thawra, on a large area that accommodates large numbers of investment units, through which the company guarantees all investors obtain their real estate opportunity in a privileged location. Today, Valore Real Estate announced the total area of ​​the project, which was completed and Estimated at 32 thousand square meters.

The company itself was also able to plan the project from the inside by contracting with one of the largest engineering consulting companies in Egypt to obtain distinct divisions that provide many options for all investors in the real estate market inside and outside Egypt, including foreign investors. With these distinguished divisions, the company was able to provide many units between apartments and shops. Commercial and administrative offices, in addition to the divisions of the project with 9 different towers, each of these towers consisting of 7 recurring floors.

Prices and spaces are essential factors that are indispensable for announcing them in any real estate investment project in Egypt, as many investors in the Egyptian real estate market are always looking to get the right units in terms of price and space, and for this reason, Valore Real Estate Development Company was able to provide its project.

Valore Real Estate Development Company

Valore Real Estate Company is the company that owns the investment project, Valore El-Thawra. It is one of the largest real estate companies in the Middle East, which was able to forge partnerships with unparalleled real estate forces in Egypt, as happened with Riyadh Castle Company and Al-Ghunaimi Real Estate Development Company, in addition to providing projects for the company. Unparalleled investment over the years, which made it one of the best companies in the eyes of all customers.

Previous work of Valory Real Estate Development Company

Valory Real Estate Company has been keen to maintain a pattern of superiority over all competitors by providing a distinguished group of unparalleled real estate investment projects. Now you can get an opportunity to invest with the company easily in one of its projects, the most prominent of which are as follows: