October 22, 2022


by: Valore


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Valore El-Thawraa – Video

The space and design of the Valore El-Thawra compound

We’ve allocated an area of ​​32 thousand square meters for the implementation of the Valore El-Thawra Compound, which is a large area compared to similar projects, and the exploitation of the spaces appeared to provide housing units of different styles to achieve the dreams of millions of young people by providing suitable housing with standard specifications. On the other hand, the Valore Al-Thawra project provided commercial units with a design that suits all commercial activities to support commercial activity and small investors, in addition to providing the appropriate work environment by providing administrative units with an elegant design that suits the nature of work.

It is worth noting that all units within the Valore El-Thawra Compound have a variety of spaces for each client to find what suits him. The developing company established the Valore project on 9 residential towers, each tower consisting of 7 floors, and for the administrative units, 9 buildings were found with a height my ground.

We do not lose sight of the level of finishing within all units, and the company has determined that all units be finished at the latest level, and units are delivered with their own air-conditioning according to the area desired by the customer.


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