October 27, 2022


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Valore The best real estate investment in egypt

Valore The best real estate investment in Egypt

We’re always looking for real estate as investment and in Egypt we’re not just looking forward to making the real estate investment, we’re also looking forward to making luxury apartments and mansions; but is it essential to real estate investment in Egypt and does it worth it?

the answer to this exact question is, Yes, and definitely. real estate investment Egypt based to get you closer to the main 3 things that can help you out:

What do you earn from real estate investment in Egypt?

this is the most frequently asked question about the main reason for what you actually earn when you invest in the real estate industry and we can easily transform this question into main 3 answers.

1. luxury apartment

everyone is looking for a luxury apartment, and literally, every want wants to live in the perfect place, as long as you already live once, you want to make this life as perfect as you can and this is the main reason for creating a really good luxury apartment in the perfect place for you and your family.

having the time with a good environment and green lands, a gym beside and maybe a good neighbourhood looking just like you to interact with, that’s everyone’s fantasy.

2. Investment

while ago the USD was about 6 EGP and now it’s almost 20 EGP, if you had 20 million EGP which equals almost 3 million USD, you now have about 1 Million USD with the same amount of money, do you know what stays the same in the price? gold and real estate.

Gold is the same as always but also real estate is more effective than gold, the gold can’t have a better neighbourhood that might add value to your gold!

but by choosing a good neighbourhood your apartment can increase in price and value.

3. Passive income

Do you want a passive income? Yet this is important, you can also use your apartment to earn more, how? you can easily let people rent them, and who doesn’t rent apartments? get a real passive income by renting your income without losing the asset itself!

unlike anything else, no one can steal your apartment and run away!


Valore El-Thawra

Invest In Valore EL-Thawraa

Are you interested in investing your money in real estate? why don’t you take a quick look at Valore El-Thawra, the best and most recent project for Valore Misr the