October 22, 2022


by: Valore


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Valore El-Thawraa – Commercial

Prices and spaces in Valore El-Thawra Compound

The most important advantages available in the Valore El-Thawra Compound, and the company was keen on its presence, which supported the success of the project and the achievement of economic popularity are the prices.

The unit and areas are as follows:

  • Commercial units on the ground floor vary in the area ranging from 62 square meters up to 790 square meters, with prices starting from 90,000 pounds up to 135,000 pounds.
  • Commercial units on the first floor vary in areas ranging from 45 square meters to 527 square meters, prices start from 55,000 EGP up to 65,000 EGP.
  • Administrative units of various areas start from 62 square meters up to 274 square meters, and prices start from 32,000 EGP up to 41,000 EGP, with 10% for continuous maintenance.
  • The residential units have different areas, prices start from 19,000 EGP up to 24,500 EGP with a 10% maintenance rate.
  • As for the spaces in the residential units, the spaces are as follows: Units of studio apartments of different areas of 66 m², 70 m², 74 m², and 82 m².
  • Two-bedroom apartment units with different areas of 107 m², 108 m², 129 m², and 135 m². Units of apartments with 3 bedrooms in different areas of 162 square meters, and 166 square meters.
  • Units of apartments with 4 bedrooms in different areas of 239 square meters, and 243 square meters.


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