October 22, 2022


by: Valore


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Valore El-Thawraa – Overall view

Valore El-Thawra Compound Services and Facilities

The Valore El-Thawra compound overlooks a unique view of the various landscapes, and the company has diversified in green spaces to express nature in its best forms and provide a calm and harmonious atmosphere for customers.

  • The Valore Mall project provides various housing units with different spaces, and designs at the highest level, where luxury and sophistication are for those looking for excellence.
  • The Valore project provides commercial units suitable for trade purposes in order to support investment and achieve an outstanding profit return, and the company was interested in providing tiered spaces for the shops.
  • The project includes administrative units prepared to suit the work for a suitable work atmosphere away from the noise of cities with a variety of spaces on all units.
  • Valore Al-Thawra project provides periodic cleaning services within the project 24 hours a day with personnel available to organize the movement inside the mall.
  • Garages with large areas include a large number of cars with a special security system to provide the necessary protection.
  • Panoramic elevators and escalators to organize between residential units, shops and administrative offices.
  • The mall provided recreational activities for different age groups, including young people and children, to spend the most beautiful times.
  • The security system inside the Valore project is tight to provide the highest degree of protection for 24 hours.
  • Modern high-tech surveillance cameras to monitor movement with security staff monitor inside the mall.

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