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Looking for apartments for sale in new cairo ? get it in Valore El-Thawra

Looking for apartments for sale in new Cairo ? get it in Valore El-Thawra

if you’re looking for apartments for sale new Cairo to live in or invest in, you can easily get your apartment in Valore El-Thawra Project by Bunyan and Valore Misr, Valore El-Thawra is one of the newest projects developed by Valore Misr company for luxury living with highest expectations you might have.

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Why choose to get apartments for sale in new Cairo in Valore el-thawra?

before you ask the question of why Valore El-Thawra is real estate as investment for you and your family, we’ve previously mentioned some important things about the benefits of living in Valore El-Thawra Project, but you may also be interested to learn more about:

Valore El-thawra on google maps

1. Close to Hussain Kamel Road.

Easy to Get to Cairo in less than 10 to 15 mins, Valore El-Thawra is located in the middle between Cairo and New Cairo.

2. Close To El-Thawra Road.

Get Easier access to New Cairo, And live beside El-Thawra main road.

3. Unique Location, In Sheraton.

In Almaza, almaza avenue mall is so close to Valore El-Thawra, and it’s less than 10 mins to reach.

4. Close to Almaza Airport.

10 Mins away from Almaza Airport, Valore El-Thawra can make it a lot easier to reach Almaza Airport.

5. Close to Hospitals.

Get instant acess to reach more than 3 hospitals in less than 10 mins from Valore El-Thawra, Be safe and your family.

6. Close to almaza city center cinema

if you want to have easy access to almaza city center cinema, it’s just 10 mins away walking from Valore El-Thawra, almaza city center cinema is the closest to Valore El-Thawra.

 How to Reserve a visit or call an expert?

You can easily call an expert by calling this number or with whatsapp: 01099291037

Also you can visit this page for learning more about Valore the Thawra